You Suddenly Appeared

3 Jun 2010


my broadband is functioning well right now.

well, I’m quite tired from the orientation that was organized by the CVCs in UPM.

it was really an eye-opener for the situations and paths i’m getting myself into.

too bad i’m a little bit scared because of what i heard about the things i’m about to expect in PT and in UPM.

i can’t help but to ask myself if i’m ready for this and if i am really sure that i really want to do this.

well I’ve encountered a lot of situations like this; the time that when i stop and contemplate.

I’ve made my decision long before i took UPCAT.

I just want to find out if my decision is right and will take me in a world where i will never regret what i’ve done in the past.

i have to go. i really want to enjoy this opportunity knowing the fact that my broadband is not always functioning, it’s just that i’m really tired and i need to have a good night sleep for another orientation tomorrow.


2 Jun 2010

I really want to blog about different stuffs everyday.

blogging is a way to escape the reality once in a while.

Im happy that i found a lot of individuals here that really supports my weird traits.

it’s just frustrating to know the fact that i cannot do this everyday because my broadband is malfunctioning(the very reason why i’ve been away from the tumblr for more than one month) for quite a while now.

I’m just hoping that i will be able to blog again as soon as possible( just before my class starts).


2 Jun 2010

via dancingthedream:

When I see Michael smile…

i know that i can go through the most difficult tribulations of my existence. he is one my inspirations and i am proud of that fact.

11 May 2010

just one more day.

after that i can really blog everything i want to the fullest.

just be patient…


25 Apr 2010

I will miss blogging!

I really love posting everything that i want to share in tumblr but I have to stop doing this for the next four days.

I have for my exams (APE). Passing those examinations means a lot to me.

Wish me luck guys and please pray for me. I have to start doing my obligations to reach my goals and i hope that i will be able to prevail at the end!